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Monetize Your App with Adiscope SSP

Integrated Mediation

Rewarded video & offerwall
with highest eCPM


Use of S2S verification system
to avoid ad fraud


Manage all with a single SDK

Integrated Management of Rewarded Video

Placing and exposing ads with the highest ad unit cost to users first, with real-time eCPM analysis in each of the network. Maximum fill rate and highest eCPM brings back best guaranteed return.

Management of Offerwall

Analyzing API of each of the campaign to send off only the highest priced ad. Drive more effective ad engagement through a single offerwall.

Robust Security with S2S Authentication Method

Ad fraud prevention is essential in mobile poker games and that’s where Adiscope's security plays a vital role.

Bind to 1 SDK

Have you or are you still in the process of integrating multiple SDKs from numerous ad networks?
With Adiscope, a single SDK can provide your app with ads from various global ad networks.
Go simple.

AD Formats

We support formats that best fit your monetization strategy and needs.

Rewarded Video

Increase app engagement and retention by providing rewards to 98% of the users who identify as non-buying users.

It allows the user to choose when to view an ad. So, you can improve the user experience. It is also a great opportunity to increase ad revenue.

Sponsorship & Offerwall

Guarantees high revenue by placing a network ad at the top of an offerwall.

Able to gross profit from a single offerwall with the highest ad unit price in order from top to bottom.

It gives you the opportunity to monetize non-paying users and to increase your revenue.

AD Networks

Adiscope works with global leading ad networks around the world.

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